Help, I’m a MIPIM newbie!

In just over a month, the most influential players from across the property industry will arrive en masse for an action packed four days of networking, learning, and fun.

As one of the industry’s most celebrated (and famous) events, being new to the party can be daunting. If that’s you, then fear not as we have called on our MIPIM friends who know the tips and tricks for making it through what will be one of the best weeks of your working year:

  • Shoes, and plenty of them. Bring your smart shoes, fancy shoes, and summer shoes – but make sure they’re all comfy ones. Blisters aren’t a good look, especially when accompanied by tears.
  • Leave room for spontaneity and chance encounters. It’s where the magic happens.
  • Come rain or shine, you’ll want to be prepared. We all hope (optimistically) for wall-to-wall sunshine in Cannes, but experience has taught us better than to forget our umbrellas.
  • Embrace wellness and start the day with a run or an early morning yoga session. You won’t feel so bad when you’re sipping that glass of rosé later.
  • Protect yourself with lip balm and sunscreen by picking up one of our MIPIM survival tins. Lobsters are strictly for eating.
  • Check out MIPIM’s dedicated ‘first timers’ There’s complimentary breakfast and lunch, concierge, networking sessions with MIPIM pioneers, and a mysterious ‘welcome gift’!
  • Check out the conference programme and make the most of being there. MIPIM has organised a fantastic line-up this year centred around urban life in the future. Expect debate, trends and insights from those leading the charge worldwide.

MIPIM is a significant investment so it’s important to get involved and make the most of it. We’ll be bringing you tips and tricks of the trade over the coming weeks. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or newcomer, there’ll be something for everyone.

Thank you to our contributors for their top tips. Read the full list below and let us know if you have any others to add!


Packing for Cannes, whatever the weather

MIPIM is the ultimate business and pleasure destination, which makes packing your suitcase slightly more difficult.

Preparation is paramount, and lucky for you we’re on hand to advise everyone from the lightest packer to those who push the boundaries of what’s acceptable on an EasyJet flight…

Remember the below essentials and you will survive Cannes whatever the weather:

  1. Business cards
  2. Your best tailored suit…
  3. …and a nice dress or comfy khaki slacks
  4. A warm coat
  5. Comfortable shoes – a must
  6. Sunglasses – we hope
  7. Painkillers
  8. Plasters
  9. Suncream
  10. Chargers – including a portable one
  11. Umbrella – which we hope not to need

And if you do find yourself taking more than you planned, whether that’s business cards or marketing materials, as seasoned MIPIM veterans, trust us when we say that it’s possible (and advisable) to courier these things to Cannes in advance. You don’t need to burden yourself with heavy luggage and excess baggage fees.

We hope this has helped you, but if you do find yourself at a loss then come and find our team, and collect one of our ‘in case of an emergency’ MIPIM tins!

Advice for a MIPIM first timer


Your first time at MIPIM can be a bit daunting: with over 20,000 keen property professionals and hundreds of events going on, how can you quickly orientate yourself, get involved and get something out of it?

Many delegates have also been gathering in Cannes for some time, ourselves included, so here are some of the tips we’ve picked up over the years – some of which might be useful to even the most experienced attendees as well.

Personal elevator pitch

It is good to know in advance what you want to say about yourself when you meet new people. Keep it to 30 seconds or less, focus on what might be interesting to others and remember that it’s a personal introduction not a sales pitch.

You’ll introduce yourself and what you do many times at MIPIM and likewise other delegates will have met plenty of other people, so it needs to be fresh and ideally memorable. Not least to make sure you’re happy to deliver it again and again each day.

Also touch base with your company’s marketing and comms team – there may be particular information or messages that would be useful to share (and brownie points for doing so).

Set targets

Making sure there’s time to go with the flow is important but structure is important tool. Setting yourself achievable goals such as meeting three new contacts from a target sector a day, for example, is a good way to keep focus. And while sticking with people you know is a useful early strategy, most people at MIPIM are really receptive to meeting new contacts so if stepping up to someone new doesn’t already come naturally, force yourself. You’ll soon think nothing of it.


Have a look at the MIPIM programme in advance and plan the sessions you would like to attend. When you get to Cannes it is easy to get swept away and attend events that others are going to. Looking at the schedule with your goals in mind now will help you to pick out events that you can profit from and will also give you the opportunity to meet new people.

A few practical tips

  • Order your delegate pass now by post so that there’s one less thing to worry about when you arrive. Alternatively, if you run out of time you can also pick it up on your way through the airport to free up time when you get to Cannes itself, as the queues at the Palais can be enormous.
  • Be prepared to get stuck in the moment you arrive, or even before on the plane or train down. It’s a good idea to take lots of business cards (about 250-300), and keep some in your hand luggage.
  • The bus is an easy way to get to town from the airport and you’re more likely to make new contacts than in a taxi.
  • If in doubt head to Café Roma or the London, Manchester or other regional stand.
  • Look out for other posts coming up – what to wear and what to pack in particular.

And whether MIPIM excites or terrifies you, we hope these tips help to give you a head start before you touch down.


News from the London Stand at MIPIM

Guest Post: Niki Kernohan from Pipers

London Stand at MIPIM

With MIPIM now only six weeks away, I’m sure thoughts are turning towards MIPIM and how to plan your time down there. One place not to miss is the London Stand at MIPIM!

We have over 350 companies registered through us this year and over 1,000 delegates so if you want to see what’s going on in the London market and meet those who are working on those projects, this is the place to do that.

MIPIM London Stand Pavillion

We have ample networking space on our fantastic beachfront terrace and this year we have launched new bookable meeting tables on the front terrace. These are both reserved for London Club members so if you’re not a member, please contact one of the team at

MIPIM London Stand panel session

Our extensive talks programme, organised by the NLA, kicks off on Tuesday 15th with a great session in association with Bilfinger GVA – the Changing Face of London – looking back over Boris’s term as Mayor and what he’s achieved, followed shortly after by a look at what London wants from a new Mayor in association with CPA & WPA. The programme also looks at key areas under development and hot topics such as Crossrail 2, the Housing and Planning Bill, Build to Rent and PRS. Click on the link here to download the full programme and keep checking the website for a full updated list including speakers –

We hope you have a successful MIPIM and look forward to seeing you there!