Meetings at MIPIM – the delegate list has arrived

Now the delegate list has been released and is being updated weekly, you can really start thinking about who you want to meet at MIPIM.

Where to start?

Register and review the list to see who you would like to meet. Don’t hold back – no one expects a wallflower at MIPIM, and you’re actively encouraged to network your socks off so don’t worry about approaching people who are attending. It can be a lot harder to secure these meetings back home than it is in Cannes, so grab the opportunity while you can.

Market yourself

While you don’t want to be hauling marketing collateral down the Croisette, it’s worth taking a summary about you and your business for your prospects to see on an iPad or take away with them. It’s important to tailor your marketing pitch so it can be easily modified for different prospects.

Think about what you can bring to the conversation that is different and makes you stand out from the crowd. MIPIM can be a crazy place – meetings are swift and the clock ticks quickly. You need to capture a prospect’s attention, so think about what you want to get out of the meeting and how it might also benefit them. Remember that they wouldn’t be meeting you if it wasn’t mutually beneficial, so focus on that and think about what the end result might look like.

Don’t overdo it

MIPIM is an investment, so it might seem to make sense to cram in as many meetings as possible while you’re out there. However, step back and take stock of that decision before you go any further. Sometimes the best meetings are the ones you weren’t expecting, so give yourself a bit of leeway in the afternoons and evenings. For those moments of spontaneity, remember to write down a short note on the back or front of the person’s business card to remind you about the conversation and especially anything you promised to send. They will prove to be very useful when you get home and need to jog your memory.

Finally, if you would like to ease your way into MIPIM and meet some brilliant people (including some of our own team) then come along to our annual ‘Go Dutch’ dinner. Places are limited so please contact us at: to enquire. You never know who you might meet!

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