What to pack for MIPIM

what to pack for MIPIM

Whether you’re a light packer that can manage with just a carry-on, or you’re the type that takes full advantage of the 20kg baggage allowance, there are some essentials that we recommend you take.

We’ve written about what to wear to MIPIM in a previous post, so including your business dress and several pairs of sensible shoes, there are a few other things to get into your suitcase.

Business Essentials

Business cards are an obvious one but remember to put some in your hand luggage as well as in your suitcase, as you’ll need them for networking on your journey down. Keep all of the business cards that you’ve been given together in a business card box or a plastic wallet so you have the contact details of those you’ve met to hand when you need to follow up.

We’ve mentioned marketing material before, ideally this will be electronic either on your laptop or tablet, or you’ll have shipped it over prior to your arrival, but again if you do have a couple of one-page promotional leaflets, keep a couple in your hand luggage just in case.

A documents wallet and notepad are good to bring for meetings, you don’t want to be stuffing pieces of paper into your handbag or pockets for them to get lost and you’ll need to write down the key points you have discussed.

Bring chargers for all of your devices with European plug adaptors. A portable charger that can be kept in your bag or pocket is really handy to give your phone some juice on the go throughout the day.

Sunny Cannes

Sunglasses are a MIPIM must-have both for the sun and to hide bleary eyes. While it’s likely to be overcast and cold in the UK, in the Cote d’Azur, temperatures regularly exceed 15 degrees in March and can even push into the early twenties on a good day if we’re lucky. This means sun cream is a good idea too, especially for brunch on the beach or al fresco drinks in the afternoon. That being said, as we’ve mentioned before it can get cold in the evenings so prepare for this too.

Medicine Cabinet

Alka Seltzer, multivitamins, Berocca, Remegel and plasters always make it into the Holistic apartment. With the lack of sleep, being on the go at events and meetings all day every day and some fun evenings out, you’re likely to not be taking the greatest care of yourself. So we recommend some damage control throughout MIPIM so your return to work is more manageable.

Stay hydrated

Carry a bottle of water around with you. You’re likely to be standing for the majority of networking events so it’s good to stay hydrated.

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