What to wear to MIPIM

Suits for MIPIM

A question we are frequently asked is what should I wear to MIPIM? So, to address your sartorial queries, we’ve put together a few answers to help you plan your wardrobe.

The MIPIM dress code is business as usual. Professional attire ensures that you are ready for whoever you might be networking or meeting with and gives the right impression to potential prospects. MIPIM hosts some of the most powerful and influential leaders in real estate so you’ll want to bear this in mind.

But at the same time, MIPIM has also been referred to as the ‘undertakers conference’ due to the sheer number of dark suits so colour – in a stylish way – could be a good place to start when planning your wardrobe for the week. Gents – open collars are fine during the day, with ties for formal dinners. Ladies – take smart outfits including two or three jackets that you can switch between throughout the week.

Outfits that can be worn from day to night are a good idea as you’re unlikely to have time to change between events. On that note, it can also get cold quickly in the evenings, so take light, portable layers with you during the day that you can coat check or put in your bag. A smart mac or jumper that can be worn in the mornings and evenings is a good bet.

Running at MIPIM

For the adventurous types bring trainers and your gym kit. The beachfront is ideal for an early morning jog along the Croisette to start your day. Or if you prefer running in a group, contact Andrew Link who organises @RunMipim. Alternatively LandAid are running their second tennis tournament in association with BNP Paribas Real Estate on the Wednesday, where you can enter the doubles round robin tournament or sit back and watch the competitors (no exercise required).

You’ve probably been told already to wear comfortable shoes – but really do take this advice and make sure the pairs you bring are worn-in and not brand new. Your feet will thank you as you’ll be standing for most networking events and they’re a must for getting quickly from A to B. It’s also a good idea to take several different pairs and change once a day if you can – it’s inevitable that your feet will ache but a change is as good as a rest!

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