Networking at MIPIM

Guest Post: Derry Long from MBS Survey Software Ltd

Derry Long MIPIM guest post

Long time MIPIM attendee Derry Long, the organiser of the MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes Party gives us his views and suggestions for maximising your time in Cannes:

For many, MIPIM is all about networking. Getting to meet as many people as possible in such a short space of time is quite a knack and a skill.

My best advice is do not fill up your diary with back-to-back meetings. You won’t have time to bump into an old friend or client, who may be with someone you have never met before, but is on the search for a service that you can provide. Just imagine that person could be your next biggest client. Make time!

Make notes about the meeting whether it’s on your phone or on the back of the business card. You are going to meet lots of people. Add some alcohol and tiredness, and you may just forget who that person was the next day or on the following Monday (back to normal civilisation). I always make a note of when and where I met the individual, add a couple of keywords and add one of the following letters H/W/C (Hot/Warm/Cold).

A question I am usually asked is how long should I allow for meetings? Unless this meeting is so important, I would allow a maximum of 20 mins – enough time for one drink. Although Cannes is a small place, you will be up and down the Croisette, in and out of the Palais and so will your clients, so it is often helpful to consider this when you arrange where to meet. Do not expect the client to come to you though; you should always go to the client. You will also need time to get from one place to another, whether it is to meet someone, go to an event or attend a meal. You don’t want to be seen running down the Croisette – it’s not the best look!

Don’t forget to follow up when you get home. Following up is professional courtesy. And while the client may not need your services now, they could a few months down the line.

With my hot contacts, I make the point of giving them a call around the first Tuesday after MIPIM. Forget the first Monday, you and everyone else will be in catch-up mode with emails, colleagues and clients. The purpose of that call is to get the follow up meeting in the diary which is unlikely to be the something people are ready to arrange on the Monday.

With my warm clients, it would be a follow up email, providing further information about your company, its services, and getting a follow up meeting scheduled, within a few weeks. No rush.

For the cold contacts: it was a pleasure to meet you, this is what we do, these are my contact details, let’s keep in touch etc, etc.

Never underestimate the cold contact, because they can refer you to a colleague who may well be looking for a service that you offer.

Remember MIPIM is concentrated networking from the minute you arrive at the airport or train station heading down to Cannes. The majority of people on board the plane/train will be heading to MIPIM soon so don’t be frightened to enquire if they are going and start the conversation there and then.

In the meantime, the seventh annual MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes Party this Wednesday 24th February has reached full capacity but we do have a waiting list for anyone who wishes to apply. Please contact to be added. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there!

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