Post-MIPIM check list

Post-MIPIM checklist.jpg

We hope you had a good time in Cannes last week and have used the weekend to recover and relax. As MIPIM closes for another year, we’re back to remind you of the final few steps to be taken to conclude another successful conference.

Now is the time that the great collection of business cards that you’ve accumulated over the past week comes into play and all –important follow up begins:

  • Derry Long has touched on following up before in his guest blog post, we strongly advise that you do make contact with new contacts as well as those that you already know. This is one of the most important business development actions you can undertake and will ensure – once more – that you make the most of the opportunity. You’ll be fresh in people’s minds and they’ll have your contact details should they need them. If contacts were strong prospects then it’s a good idea to arrange a meeting to discuss opportunities further and if they are not a potential prospect it could be a nice gesture to say it was nice to meet them.
  • Hopefully you’ll have written notes on your phone or on the back of business cards so that you can identify what you spoke to each contact about. Use these notes to add a personal touch when you follow up as you may have spoken about ways you could work together, or it might help them remember who you are too.
  • LinkIn with new contacts that you’ve met if you haven’t already. They’re likely to share corporate news through LinkedIn which will help you to stay on top of any new developments within their business.
  • Twitter should not be underestimated so don’t hesitate to follow those you have met. You can create a MIPIM list on Twitter or subscribe to one that you’ve been added to. This can be a good way of keeping in touch and engaging with fellow MIPIM delegates.
  • Take a moment, with your team, to review your MIPIM. How did it go? What went especially well? What could be done differently or better next year?
  • And, finally, start thinking about booking flights, accommodation and delegate passes for next year. Diarise key dates and sort out budgets in good time to allow you to book early flights and accommodation. It really does make a difference.

Later this week: upcoming events for those needing their next conference fix.

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