RICS leads the way on social impact

By Matt Howell, Managing Director UK & Ireland

As society places ever-increasing demands on businesses to do more to preserve the planet, we’ve launched our Value the Planet campaign to encourage the property profession to think and act more sustainably and to showcase best practice.

RICS is promoting the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to ensure our profession’s commitment to delivering social impact through responsible and sustainable business practices. The campaign offers a great opportunity to highlight the public interest responsibility of RICS and demonstrate the benefits that the surveying profession provides in offering solutions to society’s most challenging issues.

This is especially important if we are to inspire the next generation of young people into a career in surveying. Generation Z is passionate about conserving the environment for the future and if we are to attract the best talent into our industry, we need to show that this is a profession that embraces sustainability and a responsible approach to business.

Alongside our campaign, we’ve launched the RICS Social Impact Awards to recognise the built environment’s positive and transformational contribution to society. It’s the only awards programme that celebrates the benefit that our built environment has on people’s lives. The RICS Social Impact Awards highlight excellence at a regional and national level, identifying the projects and individuals from the surveying profession making a difference.

Our built environment is so much more than bricks and mortar. Improving it is an opportunity to have a lasting impact on our society, enhancing communities and making lives better We hope that through these awards, we will inspire those already in our industry to do more than they thought possible and make property a go-to profession for the next generation.

So, think about projects to put forward in Autumn 2020 and let’s showcase our work and the positive force for good it represents.



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