While we can’t prepare you for Brexit, we can get you ready for the world’s leading property conference – MIPIM – and what better place to start than at the annual MIPIM Yes Oui Cannes (MYOC) event.

MIPIM attracts more than 26,000 delegates from over 100 countries and the pressure to meet as many prospects as possible in Cannes can overwhelm the hardiest veteran.

So, our first tip is to start your business development earlier than usual by attending MYOC. Organised by Derry Long, Liz Ackland and Neil Stanley, the annual event brings together the industry for an evening of pre-MIPIM networking so you can make worthwhile connections before you hit Cannes.

Our team has been attending MIPIM for over 15 years and our Maximising MIPIM blogs brings together our collective experience, knowledge and learning to make sure your experience is positive, rewarding, and fun.

We’ll be sharing tips and advice from our circle of trusted, MIPIM experts in the run-up to the conference, so stay tuned for more content and get in touch with any requests, gossip or insight at mipim@holisticgroup.co.uk.

MYOC takes place on Wednesday 4 March at the Forge in Cornhill and tickets are available here.

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