Marketing materials at MIPIM – stand out from the crowd


Are you stuck for ideas for your MIPIM marketing materials? Are they leaving a lasting impression? If not, don’t worry as we have put together some top tips to get you started and help you stand out from the crowd.

Go digital

If you want to reduce your baggage, then consider going digital. People at MIPIM are busy throughout the day and won’t want to carry around lots of brochures. In last year’s blog post, we recommended using electronic materials such as PowerPoints and PDFs. These are useful as you can store multiple documents, and more importantly tailored documents, on your tablet or smartphone and open them with Keynote or Adobe. It’s perfect for those chance encounters and impromptu meetings, and if time is really tight, you can just email it across to the person you’ve just met so they can read at their leisure. It also gives you a reason to follow up!


What should you include in your marketing materials? The most important piece of advice we can give is to ‘KISS’: keep it simple, stupid!

A brochure that introduces your company, the services you offer and any ‘hero’ projects is one of the easiest ways of introducing yourself to a prospect. As always, your marketing materials need to have a clear purpose so really think about the impression you want to make and support it with concise content that is client benefit focused. If you’re planning to meet a diverse range of prospects working in different sectors, tailor your documents so they appear bespoke to each person you’re meeting with. You don’t want to burden someone with a 20 page document to read through when the only information they need is on page 14.

If you want to bring along hard copies with you, consider all the costs and logistics associated, such as printing, shipping, and any deadlines you need to meet to make sure your marketing materials arrive with you in Cannes. It pays to avoid the last minute rush, so don’t risk it.


Everyone loves a free giveaway. Branded pens, USBs and lanyards are tried and tested, but perhaps for a destination like Cannes, it’s worth trying something new. Consider handbag sized umbrellas in case it rains – even if it doesn’t, most people will take them home with them; or even branded tote bags. We’ve heard from some of last year’s MIPIM delegates that tote bags were one of the most popular and useful of all the giveaways. Just make sure they’re durable and look good enough to carry around.

Let us know if you’ve seen any memorable giveaways at MIPIM, or if you have any advice or tips for delegates currently preparing their marketing materials over on Twitter!

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