Arriving with a full schedule of meetings

Starting Blocks at Vacant Starting Line Before Event

Over 21,000 participants, with 4,800 investors on 350+ stands representing 89 countries – all in four days. You not only need to find the right people, but get time in their diaries to talk.

So how can you identify those who will make a difference to your business over the coming year, and how can you get in front of them?

We normally love spontaneity. But for something this important (and expensive) – it’s not the best approach. Planning ahead – and starting earlier than you think – is key.

These are the essentials:

  1. Make the most of time available by planning well in advance. In MIPIM terms, this means before December, not the end of February.
  2. Reconnect early with existing contacts – LinkedIn and twitter are both great for this. If you’ve started in good time, the Christmas season will help too.
  3. Go back to your business plan – who do you need to engage with and why should they speak to you?
  4. Consider how you’re going to approach MIPIM as a business. Are you flying the flag or making more personal connections? What will best help support this? (Note: the answer is rarely as simple as as a quick edit of last year’s brochure.)
  5. Make contact. Diaries fill up quickly, but many people who are usually super busy can squeeze in a quick chat near the London Stand if you time it right.

At Holistic, we work with clients to take the hassle out of this final step. Reconnecting with existing contacts and friends is quick to fit in and something that everyone can do easily. Identifying and then calling new people, however, is more of a challenge – it’s not for everyone. But we love it. And the companies we work for love that we can take care of it for them while they concentrate on everything else, including their day jobs.

We secure meetings, produce schedules and make the most of our own network for event invitations. We’re out there ourselves, too, so meetings are confirmed on the day to minimise no-shows and there’s always a point of contact nearby.

We offer an early bird rate before 6 November and strongly recommend getting started by December at the latest.

If this sounds like something that would help a colleague – or even yourself – let us know and we can send on some more detail.

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