Holistic Go Dutch Guest List

Hot off the press, here is the list of guests attending Holistic’s Go Dutch drinks reception and dinner on Monday from 7pm. It is sure to be a fantastic evening and we look forward to seeing you there. Wishing you a safe journey. The Holistic Team

  1. Andrea Schrader, Ackroyd Lowrie
  2. Zoe Allen, Acrylicize
  3. Cany Ash, Ash Sakula Architects
  4. Renata Osiecka, Axiimmo
  5. Vikki Swan, Bennington Green Ltd
  6. Harriet  Butterfield, Bennington Green Ltd
  7. Keith Kirkwood, Bennington Green Ltd
  8. Diana Hird, Bennington Green Ltd
  9. Katy Klingopulos, Bircham Dyson Bell LLP
  10. Naomi Willoughby-Foster, lain Boland Solicitors
  11. Geoff Halliwell, Bond Bryan Architects
  12. Matthew Jones, Bowman Riley Architects
  13. Dominic Bate, Boyes Rees Architects Ltd
  14. Jane Boyes, Boyes Rees Architects Ltd
  15. Gary Loo, Boyes Rees Architects Ltd
  16. Laura Kozasvili, British Property Federation
  17. Ghis Halpenny, British Property Federation
  18. Justin Bird, BTP Group (Barrie Tankel Partnership)
  19. John Brennan, BTP Group (Barrie Tankel Partnership)
  20. Marcus Harling, Burges Salmon LLP
  21. Terry O’Dell, Butler & Young
  22. Michael Swiszczowski, Chapman Taylor
  23. Ross Sturley, Chart Lane
  24. Gareth  Atkinson, Civic Engineers
  25. Tony Laws, Clearview Homes Ltd
  26. Anthony Laws, Clearview Homes Ltd
  27. Wayne Manners, Climate Engineering Solutions
  28. Stuart Johnson, Collins Construction
  29. Jason Warren, Collins Construction
  30. Steve Davies, Collins Construction
  31. John Cutlack, COWI UK
  32. Stuart Beardwell, Crofton
  33. Guest of Stuart Beardwell, Crofton
  34. Andrew Loudon, Dar
  35. Brian Thopre-Tracey, Dar
  36. Daniel Horner, Dar
  37. Neetal  Popat, Dar
  38. Paul Marshall, Desco Ltd
  39. Mike Vince, Desco Ltd
  40. Alex Storey, Disruptive Technologies
  41. Matthias Sicard, Disruptive Technologies
  42. Nicola Gordon, Engenuiti
  43. Nathan Wheatly, Engenuiti
  44. John Bailiss, Engenuiti
  45. Richard Ryan, Estate Drone Survey
  46. Andy Roberts, Formby Surveys Ltd
  47. Jonathan Moore, Future54
  48. Colin McLoughlin, General Demolition Ltd
  49. John Lucas, Gleeds
  50. Robin Brodie-Cooper, Gleeds
  51. James Munro, Granit
  52. Lauren Patterson, GSA UK Ltd
  53. Richard Piggott  GSA UK Ltd
  54. Vijay Parikh, Harold Benjamin Solicitors
  55. Nick  Covell, HEHKU
  56. Edward Dent, Hindwoods
  57. Katie Hoddarth, Hindwoods
  58. Kevin Bright, Hindwoods
  59. Chris Liddle, HLM Architects
  60. Richard ONeil, HLM Architects
  61. Sophie  Eastwood, Holistic
  62. Sarah Park, Holistic
  63. Kim Taylor, Holistic
  64. Hannah Morris, Holistic
  65. Lisa Northcott, Holistic
  66. Sarah-Beth Money, Holistic
  67. James  Bompas, Iceni Projects
  68. Ian  Anderson, Iceni Projects
  69. Doug Hann, Indigo Planning
  70. Nick Fillingham, Indigo Planning
  71. John Brooks, Indigo Planning
  72. Carl Etholen, IFC Group
  73. Graham Wiles, IFC Group
  74. Jeff Brydon, IFC Group
  75. Paul McGahey, IFC Group
  76. Tom Mason,  IFC Group
  77. John Curry, Intrepid Management
  78. Eamonn Daly, IT Concepts
  79. Steve Dixon, JDP Ltd
  80. Andreas Krause ,Krause Architects
  81. Geoff Taylor, KSS Design Group
  82. Martin Robinson, KSS Group
  83. Tom Grove, Landmark Chambers
  84. David Nicholls, Landmark Chambers
  85. Jodie Thompson, Loft-Interiors
  86. Sally-Ann Smith, Loft-Interiors
  87. Lucy Lomas, Luma Marketing
  88. Paul Haniford, Maclay Murray & Spens LLP
  89. Robert Penson, Maitland Chambers
  90. David Maltby, MBS Survey Software Ltd
  91. Steve Oliver, MLM
  92. Derry Long, Mollenhauer Group
  93. Ray McAuley, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure
  94. Craig Adamoli, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
  95. Dan Reuben Robinson III, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
  96. Geoff Kasselman, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
  97. Paul Danks, Newmark Grubb Knight Frank
  98. Mike Peskin, Osborne
  99. John Craig, Osborne
  100. Michael Popper, P3r Engineers
  101. Christine Voge Popper, P3r Engineers
  102. Audrey Stallard, Perkins+Will
  103. Kate Vine,  Perkins+Will
  104. Fiona Balance, Perkins+Will
  105. Firas Hnoosh, Perkins+Will
  106. Jack Pringle, Perkins+Will
  107. John Drew, Perkins+Will
  108. Linzi Cassels, Perkins+Will
  109. Lisa McDowell, Perkins+Will
  110. Steven  Charlton, Perkins+Will
  111. William Poole-Wilson , Perkins+Will
  112. Robbie Owen, Pinsent Masons
  113. Chad Sutton, Planning Clarity Legal
  114. Jamie Beeson, Price & Myers
  115. David Lockett, Price & Myers
  116. Regina Kertapati, Proctor and Matthews Architects
  117. Solmaz Zeidi, Proctor and Matthews Architects
  118. Mark Richards, Regys Consultants
  119. Noah Laith, Riereta Equities SL
  120. Malika Ennaji, Riereta Equities SL
  121. Nathalie Duncan-Sletten, Rise
  122. Becky Cheney, RLF
  123. Robert Myers Sheppard Robson, ID:SR
  124. Simon Chenery, Sidell Gibson
  125. Claire Fenwick, Spatial Dimensions
  126. Peter Fenwick, Spatial Dimensions
  127. Robert Kelly, Stewart Title
  128. Jonathan Ross, Structure Tone
  129. Kathy Basheva, Studio Basheva
  130. Niamh O’Connor, Summix Ltd
  131. Amy Stephens, Surface to Air
  132. Amina Akhtar, Surface to Air
  133. Holly Porter, Surface to Air
  134. Jamie Parr, Surface to Air
  135. Cyndy Dixon, Task Systems
  136. Carmen Corbino, Taylor Interiors
  137. Ollie Spragely, The Collective
  138. Nick Rees, The Collective
  139. David Blair, tp bennett
  140. Julian Sharpe, tp bennett
  141. Steve Masterson, tp bennett
  142. Mark Legg, Tripod
  143. Richard Paxton, Tripod
  144. Louise Dransfield, Building Magazine
  145. Stephen Grindley, UK Pinnacle
  146. Marc Preston,Vertice Development Management
  147. Anthony Brown,We are BW
  148. Becky Craddock,We are BW
  149. Lydia Millard,We are BW
  150. Amelia Saberwal,Woods Bagot
  151. Jonathan Clarke, Woods Bagot
  152. Simon Saint, Woods Bagot
  153. Andrew Goodwin, XYZ Survey Group Ltd
  154. Mark Russell  ZG Lighting (UK) Ltd
  155. Anne Fearon Brown, ZG Lighting (UK) Ltd
  156. Ian Abley

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